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Courage & Conviction: Bold Women ​Overcoming Toxic Workplaces

The era has arrived for women in the workplace to boldly confront and challenge toxic ​leadership, bullying, and any dysfunctional conduct that destabilizes the harmony of ​modern workplaces. This is a pivotal moment to firmly draw the line, declaring an ​unequivocal end to the acceptance of harmful behavior that often leaves women feeling ​undervalued and overlooked. Embrace this opportunity to be part of a transformative event, ​where you will discover a robust community of allies united in a common purpose. Together, ​we strive to forge a brighter future where we can advocate for supportive workplaces for the ​generations to come. Join us in this empowering journey towards positive change and ​collective strength.

What You’ll Learn

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Establish Bold ​Boun​daries

Understand the importance of being ​unapologetically firm in establishing ​your personal boundaries. Define your ​'rules of engagement' and learn how to ​effectively assert your limits, ensuring ​that every interaction aligns with your ​standards and values.

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Fighting the


Break free from the fear instilled by a ​toxic boss and a dysfunctional ​workplace environment. Reignite the ​courage that resides within you, ​transforming today's challenges into ​opportunities for growth and resilience.

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Disrupt the Defeating ​Dial​ogue

Harness the power of your words! Silence ​the internal voice that undermines your ​worth, value, and appreciation. It's time ​to rewrite your story with a narrative of ​empowerment and resilience.

Also Featuring:

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The Cancel-Free Zone

Event participants will enjoy a 100% Cancel-Free Learning environment so that a safe

place can be established for authentic discussions.

Meet Your Speaker

Dr. Brandi Baldwin

CEO, Millennial Ventures

  • Dynamic Entrepreneur + Powerhouse
    • Dr. Brandi Baldwin is a former Wharton ​lecturer, entrepreneur, and international ​speaker.

  • Recently Spoke Up Against Toxic Leader
    • Her recent LinkedIn post about a former toxic ​leader inspired this event happening on World ​Women's Wellness Day!

  • Favorite Quote:
    • An army of sheep led by a lion will always ​defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. -​African Proverb

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